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Archive for November 2009

The Ultimate Internet TV Resource

I just found clicker.com. This new site brings together a huge variety of Internet based Movie and TV sources underneath a unified interface. You can search movies, TV shows, music videos, and webisodes all from one place. You can even create play lists, so you can go back and watch content you’ve located at a later time.

No longer do you have to use any number of Favorites or Bookmarks from your Internet browser. Check out clicker.com.

Who Else Wants to Save $100 a Month?

Cut your cable bill and enjoy new found freedom with your media center. Read the rest of this entry »

15 Point Checklist For Effective Landing Pages

Why spend time and effort building an organized Ad Campaign and effective PPC Ads, then send a consumer to your a landing page that doesn’t provide enough information for them to make a buying decision? Or worse — send them to your standard Home Page!

To establish trust and prompt users to action, I incorporate as many of these 15 elements as possible into my custom landing pages.

  1. Keywords to match the PPC Ad (which should have keywords that match the search).
  2. Properly optimized on-page elements; title tag, h1 tag, meta tags, keywords in text, in-page links.
  3. Strong title based on solid advertising principles.
  4. Call to action at the top, (possibly middle), and bottom of the page.
  5. Customer centric text. It’s not about what’s important to you as an advertiser. It’s about the customer.
  6. Meaningful photos or graphics to re-in-force the text. Not to detract from the text.
  7. Association memberships and associated images.
  8. Include testimonials.
  9. Utilize coupon or “web” special offer, especially if the call to action is only a phone call or email. You need to provide a mechanism to track the business.
  10. Warranty information as apporpriate.
  11. List the physical address and phone number of the business. This helps establish trust.
  12. Features and benefits. Customers buy based on emotions and then justify their purchases with logic.
  13. Payment terms and associated graphics.
  14. Business hours. After hours charges.
  15. Service area covered.

10 Steps to an Effective Pay Per Click Ad

When creating Pay Per Click Ads, I try to incorporate as many of these 10 items as possible:

  1. Incorporate a keyword in the ad title and description. If I can start the ad title with akeyword, even better.
  2. Utilize a keyword in the display URL, and drop the http://www.
  3. Create a unique sales proposition (USP).
  4. Create a sense of urgency.
  5. Include a call to action. Phone call, email, download, buy!
  6. Use Domain Name that matches the industry or nature of the product or service being advertised.
  7. Target the ad to a specific stage in the buying cycle; call, buy, compare.
  8. Capitalize the first letter of each word in the title.
  9. Include a geo-targeted qualifier if approporiate.
  10. Provide incentives.

This helps keep the Quality score high and provides necessary details to the consumer so they can choose you as the firm to do business with. The next step is to create an effective custom landing page for your ads.

Google Local Business Listing…

Google has updated their Business Listing Quality Guidelines. They are looking for legitimate businesses with physical addresses to claim these listings. Things like P.O. Boxes, phone numbers in the business name, and a precise address will be required now. This is a move to combat spammers and illegitimate business listings.

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