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Archive for June 2010

In-store sales start online

Years ago, shopping was an in-store event. Today many people are going online to research products and pre-shop before they even step foot in a store. In fact, according to BIG Research, 89% of consumers making in-store purchases in key retail categories have conducted online research prior to purchase.

This pre-shopping behavior, while relatively new, has become a common activity prior to a variety of purchases – both large and small. According to the study, when pre-shopping consumers are exposed to online advertising (search listings or display ads or both) they engage at a deeper level with your web site, viewing an average of 6 more pages than those not  exposed, a 53% increase.

In the study, these more highly engaged, online advertising exposed consumers demonstrated a much stronger propensity to make a purchase, resulting in a 43% lift in total revenue, of which   88% of the sales revenue generated from the online advertising budget was from consumers that purchased in the physical store.

Additionally, this online advertising exposed consumer may be your most valuable consumer, as a Forrester Research study noted that 45% of consumers who research online buy additional products in-store when they buy the product they researched online.

The results of this study demonstrate that those exposed to online advertising spend an average of 29% more on their in-store purchase than those who are not exposed.

Create Your Position Statement Today

A position statement describes where you stand in the marketplace. It does not communicate your Value Proposition. This position statement can become your “elevator speech”.  It can appear in your brochures, and it should be at the top of your home page.

This formula came from a book entitled Selling The Invisible, by Harry Beckwith. The position statement works like this. Answer the questions; Who, What, For Whom, What Need, Against Whom, What’s Different, So.

Let’s use Bloomingdales as an example.

WHO Bloomingdales
WHAT are fashion-focused department stores
FOR WHOM for trend-concious, upper-middle class shoppers
WHAT NEED looking for high-end products.
WHAT’s DIFFERENT Bloomingdale’s provides unique merchandise in a theatrical setting
SO that makes shopping entertaining.

When read without the keys:

Bloomingdales are fashion-focused department stores for trend-concious, upper-middle class shoppers looking for high-end products. Bloomingdale’s provides unique merchandise in a theatrical setting that makes shopping entertaining.

When applied to Affordable Web Technology:

WHO Affordable Web Technology
WHAT is an Internet Consulting firm
FOR WHOM for small to medium-sized businesses
WHAT NEED who need to be found on today’s internet or get better business results from the visitors who find you now.
WHAT’s DIFFERENT Unlike high-priced, all-or-nothing firms, we can deliver just the  pieces of the puzzle that make the most sense for today,
SO so you can see immediate results and stay within your budget.

And without the keys:

Affordable Web Technology is an Internet Consulting firm for small to medium-sized businesses who need to be found on today’s internet or get better business results from the visitors who find you now.

Unlike high-priced, all-or-nothing firms, we can deliver just the  pieces of the puzzle that make the most sense for today, so you can see immediate results and stay within your budget.

How Many Pages Does My Website Need?

Let me answer your question, with a question.  How many questions or solutions does your website provide? In today’s environment, on today’s internet, content is king. The more compelling content you have, the better chance you’ll have at attracting users to your site.

A top notch website today will usually have:

There’s your first nine pages. So, now it’s a question of how many questions, solutions, products, or services you offer. As each page on you site should stand on it’s own two feet. If you offer three products that don’t require installation, you’ll need three more pages. If those products require installation, you could easily have three more. If each product has a PDF manual, that’s three more. Do you products have a sales brochure? There are three more pages.

So, your simple site with three products has turned into a site with the potential of having 18 pages. Could you cover all this with, say, eight pages. Perhaps, but the Search Engines will have a tough time indexing your site and delivering it to a Search Engine Results Page.

What else can you be thinking about in order to add fresh content on an on-going basis? Consider these sources:

  • Do you send out Press Releases? These could be re-printed on your site.
  • Do you publish a newsletter? Either printed or an email version?
  • Have you won any industry awards?
  • Are you keeping up with site updates when you release new products or services?
  • Do you have a blog attached to your site so you can post short ad-hoc articles throughout the year?

It’s starting to look a lot like content!

Enhance Your Photos On-Line

While there are a number of sites that enable you to resize and enhance your photos on-line, picnik has recently been purchased by Google, so you know their a road worthy application.

You can resize, rotate, crop, adjust color, add labels, apply special effects… and the list just goes on and on. You can do a number of great things, just by going to their site. If you want more functionality, sign up for a free account. If you’re after yet more functionality, they have a Premium upgrade for approximately $2 per month.

If you want to look good today, you owe it to yourself to check this out! www.picnik.com

Your 7 Triggers To Persuasion and Captivation

The name of the book is Fascinate.

This book, by Sally Hogshead, reinforces the point that Information isn’t power – the ability to fascinate is power. Anybody in Sales or Marketing who is interesting in captivating their audience more than you do today, should read this book. Visit my Amazon Marketplace to look for a new or used copy.

If you want your message to be fascinating, it will have to be, to some degree, polarizing. If you’re not generating a negative reaction from someone, you’re probably not fascinating anyone. Fascination lives not in your own communication to the world, but rather in how the world communicates about you.

Ideas are only as valuable as their ability to solve a problem. You could have a hundred great ideas, but if none of them solve a problem for your or your clients, they are worthless ideas.

The gold hallmarks of a fascinating message.

1. Provokes strong and immediate emotional reactions.

2. Creates advocates.

3.  Becomes “Cultural Shorthand” for a specific set of actions or values.

4. Incites conversation.

5. Forces competitors to realign around it.

6. Triggers social revolutions.

What are the seven triggers? They are Lust, Mystique, Alarm, Prestige, Power, Vice and Trust.

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