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Archive for January 2011

What Were Your 5 Biggest Lessons From Last Year?

You can set goals or state resolutions for the New Year. But, what did you learn from the past 12 months. Lessons learned will serve you well in the future. What were your five biggest lessons? Mine are:

  1. I truly can work on the business in addition to working in the business. So many of us concentrate all of our efforts working in the business. You know, doing the right things. Servicing customers. Answering emails. How many of you have really taken the time to work on the business? To create systems that really help the business become more productive and serve you and your customers better. To spend time really making an aspect of your business much better than it is today.
  2. I can run a successful company. No, you can’t do everything alone. so quit trying to. You can become successful in any economy by focusing on your economy – not the economy.
  3. I can help others succeed. We all have something beneficial and helpful to offer someone. Do it. Reach your hand out and start really caring about those around you. By focusing your energy on helping your customers be successful, you’ll be surprised at the end of the next year what has happened to you in the process.
  4. I am capable of far more than I dreamed of. When you reflect back on a year that has had as much change this this year did… you realize that you are capable of far more than you could have imagined. Now that you know that, set yourself some new goals. Go ahead and stretch a little – or a lot!
  5. I am happy. It’s been a good year. I have no clue what the next 12 months will bring – but bring it on.

If you use smart, effective sales techniques, you don’t need a government bailout to bail yourself out. “We must participate in our own rescue by not giving up, by refusing to use the slow economy as an excuse for poor performance, by staying in front of our customers, and by continuing to use proven best practices to reach sales success”.

What were your five biggest lessons from last year?

The Insanity Principle

The Insanity Principle was coined by Albert Einstein and simply says:

You cannot continue to do the same thing many times over and expect a different result.

Are you practicing the insanity principle in your life? To over come this, come up with two questions that are applicable to your activity. Ask yourself these two questions every time you perform the activity and record the answers. If you are making cold calls on businesses, maybe those questions are; 1)What should I have done differently?, and 2)What should I have said differently?

Go back and read through the answers from your last 5 or 10 attempts on a regular basis. Doing this will help you learn how to learn to do things differently in the future. That’s what real progress is all about.

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