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Archive for February 2011

Be Signed Into Google With Multiple Accounts

I tripped upon the ability to do something today that quite honestly has frustrated me for the past several weeks or so. Be logged into multiple Google Accounts at the same time inside the same browser. Sure you can use different browsers to accomplish this – but that’s not what I want.

Follow the directions here. Follow the first four steps on this article here, explaining (sort of) how to do this. http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?answer=181599

The real key is that first step, which says “Got to the multiple sign-in settings page”, which is here: https://www.google.com/accounts/MultipleSessions


Now, you actually have to at least get into your Account Settings (Google refers to this as signing into a product that supports multiple logins) screen in order to see that when you select the down arrow key by your email address, that you now have the ability to sign in AGAIN as a different account!

Viola! I was signed in as three separate clients at one time. Now this is not flawless – and Google will be the first to tell you that there are some caveats… But still. This just might be the tip you’ve been hunting for.

Cool New eMail Signature

Who Else Wants A Cool URL For Your Social Media Links?

I have obtained a Domain name for each of my major Social Media URL’s. Check out my eMail signature:

Follow Me:
Facebook: www.affordablewebfacebook.com
Twitter: www.affordablewebtwitter.com
LinkedIn: www.affordableweblinkedin.com

These look so much better than the really long ones supplied by Facebook, Twitter, and linked in! They’re easier to remember. They fit nicely on the back of a business card. They’re just downright cool.

Since I provide Domain Name and Hosting services — I can hook you up with these for your company as well. I’ll do each new Social Domain Name for your company for only $25.00 each for the first year. Renewals after the first year are currently $15.00 per Domain Name per year.

Are you Ready? Give me a call at 503-307-0834, or send me an eMail at [email protected]… Let’s get started.

Damn You Apple

You’ve spoiled the crap out of me with iOS 4.2 on my iPad.

Now I find myself getting frustrated because my desktop applications won’t suggest words and make punctuation corrections on the fly (like adding apostrophes were they belong). I’m continually needing to backspace and make corrections, like adding a period at the end of a sentence and capitalizing the very next word after a period.

When I remote desktop into my iMac, I keep using my finger tip to attempt to draw lines on the screen – Whaaaa! You can’t do that. I have all but totally abandoned using my macbook now, it has served me very well, but now collects dust on the shelf.

So keep up the good work Apple. Don’t worry about me. I’ll get over it and keep using my iPad more, and more, and more.

Who Else Could Use Free Conference Calling?

I just came across the freeconference.com website. They offer free conference call bridges as well as premium services such as on-demand recording or desktop sharing. It’s extremely easy to get started. I’ve now got a free dedicated number that I can hand out for on-demand or scheduled conferences.

What do you mean “You’re too small to need conference calling”? How about a quick three-way call with your associates discussing latest trends in your industry. Pay for the on-demand recording feature. Now you have a file that can be posted on your corporate blog (You have one, don’t you?) to help drive traffic to your site.

You are working on a last minute presentation and need input from a customer, a vendor, and someone in your secondary location. Viola! A conference call with on-demand desktop sharing to the rescue! You don’t have to worry about what remote desktop software is loaded on their machines. Your conference system handles the details.

These are two quick thoughts. What are yours?

Our Iceberg Is Melting

How to change and succeed under any conditions.

Is your Iceberg melting? Would you recognize the symptoms if it were? Are you open minded enough to listen to those around you who know that your iceberg is melting?

Grab a copy of this book from my market place and read it today. This fabulous fable about penguins really describes many situations I have seen and experienced. Now, I’m better prepared for not IF, but WHEN the next melt occurs.

The authors have crafted a delightful tale that wraps up with an eight step plan — and a few surprises at the end.

Learn the eight step process of successful change.

  1. Create a sense of urgency.
  2. Pull together your guiding team.
  3. Develop the change vision and strategy.
  4. Communicate for understanding and buy in.
  5. Empower others to act.
  6. Produce short-term wins.
  7. Don’t let up.
  8. Create a new culture.

Don’t get caught on a melting iceberg again. See their website for more information about Our Iceberg Is Melting.

The Absence Of Dissatisfaction

Are your customers satisfied?

Satisfaction is simply the absence of dissatisfaction, not a motivation to become a repeat customer. In the area between a customer being dissatisfied and motivated there is a zone of indifference.

We are all motivated, at a very basic level, by the expectation of gain or the fear of loss. Customers are rational people. If they have a positive buying experience, they will probably come back. If the buying experience is negative, they’ll avoid returning.

The word experience is used because the buying experience is not transactional. It doesn’t start or end with the exchange of money for goods or services. The experience begins at the prospect stage when your customers first find out about you and continues throughout their lifetime with you.

In other words, business is relational. Our customers develop a relationship with you, your company, your employees, and experience of buying from you as perceived  by the only person that matters – your customer. Customers today, aren’t interested in being satisfied. They need to become motivated to enjoy the relational experience your company provides.

How can you develop an environment for motivated customers who are thrilled to do business with you? Some ideas include:

  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Remind customers of the value you provide
  • Ask for feedback – and act on it
  • Maintain a positive and cheerful outlook
  • Stay in communication with your customer

What are you doing to prevent the absence of dissatisfaction and provide phenomenal buying experiences?

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