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Archive for November 2012

F-ceb–k Shut Me Down

Yesterday, I received an email from Facebook. It looked real… but on the other hand, it might have been SPAM. Upon doing some research, it turns out that the email is real. Facebook is shutting down my use of the Domain Name, affordablewebfacebook.com. This Domain Name does nothing except perform a redirect to https://www.facebook.com/AffordableWebTechnology. They have taken issue with the fact that Facebook has US trademarks on things like face, book, fb, Facebook, etc.


To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing concerning your registration and use of the domain name affordablewebfacebook.com, which contains the famous Facebook trademark.

As you undoubtedly know, Facebook is the leading online social network service.  Facebook adopted the name and trademark Facebook in February 2004 and, since that time, Facebook has actively used the Facebook name and trademark in connection with its online social network service, including maintaining the web site www.Facebook.com. The term Facebook is one of the most famous trademarks on the Internet.  Facebook owns exclusive trademark rights to the Facebook name as a result of numerous trademark registrations in the United States and internationally, as well as related common law rights. Accordingly, Facebook enjoys broad trademark rights in its name.

Facebook has made a substantial investment in developing and providing its services. As a result of Facebook’s pioneering efforts and devoting substantial effort and resources to providing only high quality services, the Facebook name and trademarks are widely known among the consuming public worldwide, and the name and trademarks embody substantial and valuable goodwill.
Accordingly, we were concerned when we learned of your registration and use of affordablewebfacebook.com.  As we hope you can appreciate, protection of its trademarks is very important to Facebook.  We understand that you may have registeredaffordablewebfacebook.com without full knowledge of the law in this area. However, Facebook is concerned about your use of the Facebook trademark in your domain name.  

It appears that you are using this domain name to redirect to your Facebook profile or page.  We cannot allow you to continue doing so but you can apply for a username on the Facebook site at the following link:  http://www.facebook.com/username

You can find additional information about usernames at our help center http://www.facebook.com/help.php?topic=username

While Facebook respects your right of expression and your desire to conduct business on the Internet, Facebook must enforce its own rights in order to protect its valuable and famous trademark. For these reasons, and to avoid consumer confusion, Facebook must insist that you immediately stop using affordablewebfacebook.com and disable any site available at that address. You should not sell, offer to sell, or transfer the domain name to a third party and should let the domain registration expire.   

Please confirm in writing that you will agree to resolve this matter as requested. 

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