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EAX – AS400 Application

This web based Interface/ Development system is designed to interface the Infor XA accounting
system on an AS400 to a standard web browser. I located, researched and recommended the
purchase of this product. This system saved approximately $100,000 on the initial purchase
and ongoing savings of approximately $50,000 per year in reduced maintenance fees.

Web based Sales Orders and A/R Invoices

Developed a system that extracted data from our accounting system each night and reformatted the data
prior to uploading it to our web site. End users could access our web site and generate current Sales
Orders and A/R Invoices on-line. All of our Sales Orders and Invoices were delivered through this
process. We stopped the practice of either faxing or mailing these documents. This resulted in a
savings of $6,000 per year in postage fees and reduced our days of A/R from 60 days to 21 days.

Drawing Print

Developed an application wherein a user would upload a list of part numbers, extracted from
the MRP Dispatch list. The drawing print program would then access the database to locate the
drawing, determine its size, and send it to an appropriate printer based on it’s size. Prior to
this, every print was called up and printed individually before being released to the Shop Floor.
We reduced our head count by 1 1/2 employees resulting in approximately $90,000 per year savings.


Developed a software tool our sales force uses to design Band Saws capable of higher feed rates.
The process utilizes a Variable Pitch and Variable Depth tooth pattern. This application enabled
us to sell two new machines to the marketplace resulting in an increase in annual sales of
$1.5 million per year.

Shop Floor Automation System

Developed methodologies and systems applications for our Shop Floor that automated the processes
of locating CNC code for parts manufactured on our Shop Floor. It would validate that the code
existed for the given work center, was at a correct revision level and matched the drawing revision,
and that there were no open Engineering Changes pending. The application would then download the
code from a central server to the CNC machine. The system enabled us to reduce scrap on the Shop
Floor by 90 percent.

Backup servers in lieu of Service Contracts

As part of cost containment measures, I implemented programs wherein our company acquired backup
servers and mini computers that were loaded, tested, and ready to run. We were able to cancel
several costly Service Contracts, resulting in cost savings of approximately $36,000 per year.

Fax Blast

The application accepts an Excel spreadsheet and a .PDF file as an upload. The Excel
spreadsheet contains any number of names with either an email address or fax number. This
application then cycles through the list and generates either an email with an attachment or
a multi-page fax and send one copy to each name on the list. This replaces an arduous manual
fax process resulting in savings of $1,000 per month.

Multi Media Projects

Designed, developed and implemented a number magazine ads, Trade Show displays, and new product videos.
This has resulted in an annual savings of approximately $150,000.


The CSDC is a web based application that enables our sales force to correctly specify all of the
options and specifications for Small Diameter Circular saws. This tool produces a quantity based
quote which can be sent to our customers. The configurator ensures that critical information is
not missing and creates a saw that can actually be manufactured. This web based application also
generates the Bill Of Material and manufacturing route that will be entered into our ERP system.
An email system communicates the activity to key people in our organization so they know when to begin
manufacturing. This application reduced our lead time for saw quotes from 2 weeks to 5 minutes.


The WBDC is a web based application that enables our sales force to correctly specify all of the
options and specifications for Wide Band Wood saws. The configurator ensures that critical information
is not missing and creates a saw that can actually be manufactured. This web based application also
generates the Bill Of Material and manufacturing route that will be entered into our ERP system.
An email system communicates the activity to key people in our organization so they know when to set a
base price and begin manufacturing.


This application prompts a user for a part number. Information is read from an Infor XA
(fromerly MAPICS) accounting system. A pricing grid based on various quantities and profit
margins is produced and displayed to the user.

Remote GL

The Remote GL is a web based application that enables our outside divisions to upload Excel
spreadsheets once each month containing Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet account balances.
These balances are electronically linked to account numbers use in our Infor XA accounting system.
Edits are performed to ensure that all accounts have been referenced and that financial balances
are in check prior to the final push into our accounting system.

Drawing Management System

Developed methodology and systems applications to automate the process of uploading AutoCad
drawings to a central server. Previous version drawings were automatically archived and renamed.
A database was updated to track drawing version numbers and file movement. The drawing version
database is used in the Shop Floor Automation and Dispatch List tools.

CNC Code Management System

I developed a methodology and systems applications for managing the editing process of CNC code.
All CNC code files were linked through a part number in a database. The application ensured that
if an edit was required for any given part, all appropriate code files got evaluated. This
system also tracked part revision levels which were used in the Shop Floor Automation and Job
Dispatch List systems.

DXF Generator

The DXF generator enabled a user to enter a list of part numbers into an application.
The application would then generate .DXF files containing geometric points used in manufacturing.
Generating .DXF files in a batch fashion enabled us to "launch and leave" – and be productive
doing other things while the application ran its course.

Employee Involvement Program

At Armstrong Manufacturing, I helped develop and was the first chairman of our Employee
Involvement Program. This was a program that encouraged and rewarded Employee involvement in
locating, analyzing, and implementing cost saving programs.

Web based part Pricing

I developed a program to extract data from our accounting system and upload it to our web site
to provide the ability for end users to look up part pricing based on part number or description.
This system also cross linked the parts shown to web pages containing diagrams of the parts and
their intended uses.

Dispatch List JBCOMPR

With this application, I extracted data from our MRP system and evaluated it against our
Drawing and CNC code databases. The report from this would tell use which parts were scheduled
for build on our Shop Floor that had either a Drawing or CNC code of a different revision. This
application also evaluated pending Engineering Changes – giving us a heads-up on potential
bottlenecks before they occurred.

ECN Tracking System

The ECN tracking system became a central repository for Engineering Changes on parts that
we manufacture. This application would track the completion of all phases of pending changes
including; drawing, Item master, BOM, Route, Vendor data, etc. Completed ECNs were automatically archived.

Tool Presetter Post Processor

I developed a system to post process the numerical data in a Tool Presetter. This tool
preset data was then integrated into our Shop Floor Control system for download to the
CNC machines on our Shop Floor.

Product Videos (OEM, Trade Show, Linear Slide, Guide MIll, Band Saw, etc.)

I have performed all phases of video production from concept through post production on
videos which promote and/ or instruct users on our Company and equipment. These videos have
ranged in length from 2 minutes to 45 minutes.

Cafe Press Books

I pioneered the concept of our company scanning, converting, and selling print on demand
books through the Cafe Press web site. We own the copyright on publications which became to
costly for us to have printed in regular run quantities. The market demanded access to these
books. Cafe Press was the answer.


Our outside Territory Managers use this web based application to perform an FTP upload
of Excel spreadsheets which average 12 Megabytes in size to an internal server. An
automated process consolidates all these uploads into a folder which is accessed by their
manager for reporting purposes.

Trade Show Banners and Booths

I have designed and produced Trade Show Banners in a 47 inch by 80 inch format. I have
also produced a graphical Trade Show booth consisting of an 8 foot by 8 foot background.

Caelus Implementation Manual

As a Senior Customer Support Analyst, I wrote the Implementation Manual for the integrated
ERP/ Accounting system sold by Caelus Management Systems. This implementation manual
provided the basis for many successful installations. As part of this overall process, I also
wrote programs and routines which helped automate the majority of the system installation
and initialization.

Life Cycle Of An Order

The "Life Cycle Of An Order" is a manual I wrote which provided end users of the Caelus
ERP/ Accounting system a systematic approach to ensuring that the business was prepared
for an implementation cut-over. It consisted of documentation and check off procedures to
ensure that critical business aspects were not forgotten about during a systems conversion.

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