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The Absence Of Dissatisfaction

Are your customers satisfied?

Satisfaction is simply the absence of dissatisfaction, not a motivation to become a repeat customer. In the area between a customer being dissatisfied and motivated there is a zone of indifference.

We are all motivated, at a very basic level, by the expectation of gain or the fear of loss. Customers are rational people. If they have a positive buying experience, they will probably come back. If the buying experience is negative, they’ll avoid returning.

The word experience is used because the buying experience is not transactional. It doesn’t start or end with the exchange of money for goods or services. The experience begins at the prospect stage when your customers first find out about you and continues throughout their lifetime with you.

In other words, business is relational. Our customers develop a relationship with you, your company, your employees, and experience of buying from you as perceived ┬áby the only person that matters – your customer. Customers today, aren’t interested in being satisfied. They need to become motivated to enjoy the relational experience your company provides.

How can you develop an environment for motivated customers who are thrilled to do business with you? Some ideas include:

  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Remind customers of the value you provide
  • Ask for feedback – and act on it
  • Maintain a positive and cheerful outlook
  • Stay in communication with your customer

What are you doing to prevent the absence of dissatisfaction and provide phenomenal buying experiences?

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