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In-store sales start online

Years ago, shopping was an in-store event. Today many people are going online to research products and pre-shop before they even step foot in a store. In fact, according to BIG Research, 89% of consumers making in-store purchases in key retail categories have conducted online research prior to purchase.

This pre-shopping behavior, while relatively new, has become a common activity prior to a variety of purchases Рboth large and small. According to the study, when pre-shopping consumers are exposed to online advertising (search listings or display ads or both) they engage at a deeper level with your web site, viewing an average of 6 more pages than those not  exposed, a 53% increase.

In the study, these more highly engaged, online advertising exposed consumers demonstrated a much stronger propensity to make a purchase, resulting in a 43% lift in total revenue, of which   88% of the sales revenue generated from the online advertising budget was from consumers that purchased in the physical store.

Additionally, this online advertising exposed consumer may be your most valuable consumer, as a Forrester Research study noted that 45% of consumers who research online buy additional products in-store when they buy the product they researched online.

The results of this study demonstrate that those exposed to online advertising spend an average of 29% more on their in-store purchase than those who are not exposed.

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