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If You Don’t Do It…It Doesn’t Exist

When you think of a new idea, it can be viewed by those around you as absurd, unusual, impossible, or just silly. Hey! Wait a minute. What gives them the right to judge something that doesn’t yet exist?

It is unlikely that anybody else will buy into or sanction the cost of something that they don’t understand. You really have no choice but to act upon the idea yourself. Until you have acted upon and perhaps even implemented the idea… it doesn’t exist. You might have to beg, borrow or steal (poetically speaking) to carry out your idea. Good! Do it! If it were easy – everybody would be doing it already.

When Orson Wells started the Citizen Kane movie, he couldn’t find any backers. He was able to beg, borrow and cajole others into helping him build sets and shooting screen tests until they formed about one third of the movie.


Backers could finally see what they were getting into. It became easier for them to envision what the end result would be. Orson was finally able to obtain the proper backing and finish one of the best films of our times.

Don’t be afraid to explore and act upon your ideas. Until somebody acts upon the idea… it doesn’t exist. It may as well exist for you!


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