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What folks like you are saying…

As a designer, it’s critical that I have a reliable and knowledgeable programmer to call upon. Daryl is absolutely the best I’ve ever worked with. He’s unbelievably responsive, resourceful, has an amazing depth of knowledge, and a broad range of skills. He carefully assesses every project, then pulls the appropriate tools from his arsenal to accomplish exactly what is needed. And he has the patience to explain it all to us non-geeks!”
– Ode, Imagina Creative

“I want to take a few moments to thank you for the great website you set up for Faison Construction Energy Solutions.We are very happy with the results.

You have been responsive and helpful to our many questions and needs.

I will highly recommend you to anyone who wants an attractive and  professional site to represent their company.”
Penelope, Faison Construction

“Daryl is very knowledgeable and his services are reasonably priced. He “tuned up” my website (www.ALLPublications.com) for search engine optimization. I look forward to hiring him again to incorporate more aspects of this never-ending subject!”
Jennifer, All Publications

“Daryl’s work is outstanding. He is knowledgeable in a number of web technologies and languages. All of his projects have been valuable to the company in both cost reductions and process improvements. Daryl is easy to work with, an excellent communicator, and effectively interfaces with all business users, from plant worker to CEO. He is always willing to help solve a problem and share his knowledge. Daryl’s eagerness to excel and broad knowledge base make him an outstanding asset.”
Doug, Simonds International

“I have had the opportunity to work with Daryl on several occasions in helping me and my clients. Daryl has been able to offer many suggestions, technical assistance and great ideas to assist me. He is very quick to respond to my inquiries and is one of the most helpful web-designers I have had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend his work.”
Mark, VM Direct

“Having worked with Daryl in the past, I had some idea what to expect when we hired him to overhaul a company website this fall. That said, Daryl brought much more to the table than expected. Starting with his review of the existing site and recommendations for improvement, through his leadership of the project (coupled with his creative and architectural guidance), his efforts have resulted in a website that is immensely better than what we had previously, and one that is geared to generate significantly better results than we’ve ever achieved.

We moved from disappointing self-serving promotion to a site that is truly geared toward the customer, and one which we can be proud to be associated with. And Daryl provided all of this at a very reasonable, competitive cost. I heartily recommend Daryl Welch and Affordable Web Technology for any needs you may have regarding your website and search engine optimization.”
Eric, Hyde Blades

“Daryl is providing a number of services to RB Rubber as an advertising and web design professional. He has developed an impressive POP placard for our rubber products we are using in a high profile mass market retailer.”
Paul, RB Rubber

“Daryl attended the 5-day Ultimate Mastery workshop and was an excellent student! He embraced the new found knowledge and has a new perspective on the web. Not only did Daryl attend my workshop, I have also hired Daryl to help me as a contractor. Daryl is honest, reliable and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend that you work with Daryl.”
Colleen, Search Engine Academy of Oregon

“Daryl is one of those special people who can not / must not be pigeon holed as a “This” or “That”. The bulk of his resume probably reads as a very successful “IT” guy. But that tells so little of the Darly Welch story.

While Daryl’s IT skills are in my opinion second to none, he also has a wonderful “Business” acumen and latent “Sales and Marketing” competencies. I worked closely with Daryl on the development of our employer’s web site. Daryl not only brought current state of the art knowledge of the IT side of the exercise, but also slowed down to ask questions like, how will our customers perceive and approach this.

Daryl made the extra effort in time and energy to learn about our products, our industry and how they met our customer’s needs. I can speak first hand to the agony of having to lose Daryl to the housing downturn that has so drastically impacted our industry. Not enough room here to go on, but I would love to have the opportunity to work with Daryl again in my career.”
Dave, Simonds International

“Daryl has helped take a less than optimal situation and turned it into something that is not only functional, but is accomplishing the goals that we established. Created working solutions that will be the bridge to get our web site and technology to where we want it to be. In addition, Daryl is always looking for opportunities to promote and expose our web site and the mission of Women Helping Women.”
Kathleen, Women Helping Women
“Daryl was very through on asking questions about my company to best set up my ways to approach advertizing on the web. Helped to drive customers to my website and get me work! Very satisfied with his work and his keeping in contact with me on how to improve business.”
David, Certified Arborist

“Daryl is very friendly, knowledgeable and informative. His professional assistance in further developing my website began with getting to know me and my business. This strategy quickly put me on the right track. His insight has lead to a more efficient website which will draw in more clients through search engine optimization and marketing. Thanks to Affordable Web Technology I have a better understanding of my website and how it performs.”
Jennifer, McVey Design

“Daryl is an outstanding technical resource in multiple areas. He loves the challenge of seeking out new technology solutions and presents the information clearly back to management resulting in the opportunity to make the best choices for the corporation. Daryl is the ultimate team player and is recognized as a natural leader by his IT and business peers.”
Susan, Simonds International

“Daryl provides superior service ~ I am very glad that I hired Daryl ~ he was definitely worth every penny!”
Lori, Cascade Mortgage
“I appreciate all the hours you’ve put in and your vast knowledge of website creation and maintenance.  Also, the links to other on-line services, like E-Junkie and MailChimp.  It’s been a real pleasure working with you! Thanks!”
Pam, Natural Expression Photography
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