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Competitive SEO Analysis

How do others do it? Where do we stand in relation to our competition? How are we really doing? These questions and more are answered with our competitive analysis package.

We’ll measure 20 off-page elements and 30 on-page elements on each of two pages from your website and two of your competitors. The results will be analyzed and documented. The written report will provide clear direction for what action steps are required to achieve or maintain your lead.

Using one keyword or phrase, see what’s holding you up or keeping you in front, you’ll receive all this:

Evaluate Your Strengths

  • Off-page Search Engine Optimization elements such as page authority and Domain authority are measured along with your Alexa traffic rank.
  • Social mentions are searched for and evaluated.
  • Local address claims are examined for existence, completeness and reviews.
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization elements are evaluated for correct placement and usage of keyword phrases.
  • Overall readability and customer centric rating of existing content is measured.
  • Social Media and link-ability is evaluated.


Determine Your Future Direction

  • A description of the outstanding issues between you and your competition is provided.
  • A written report is provided with a list of action items in descending order of importance. You’ll know what the most important steps are to enhance or maintain your position.

All For: $750 (includes your site Plus two competitors, two pages per site, one keyword phrase)

Additional pages past the first 2 are only $100 each.
Additional competitors past the first two are only $250 (includes two pages per competitor).
Additional keywords or phrases are only $$250 per Domain Name (includes two pages per Domain name).

Competitive Analysis Flyer

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