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Amazing Amazon Facts

Amazon’s best selling product is Kindle. In 2010, 7 million units were sold. While that’s considerably less than the 15 million iPads that Apple sold… Since 2010, Amazon has sold three times as many e-books as hardcovers. By creating the hardware in the first place, Amazon almost created the entire e-book industry.

It took Wal-Mart 27 years to reach $30 billion in sales. It took Amazon 16 years to hit the same number. As of year end 2010, ecommerce is now 7% of total U.S. retail sales.

Doesn’t Amazon just sell books? No, in 2010, 54% of their total revenue was electronics, gadgets, home goods, apparel, etc. Amazon is on target to surpass Sears, Best Buy and Target in the next four years.

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