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How To… Get A Big Company To Listen

Have a malfunctioning gift? Can’t understand the instruction sheet? Frustrated by voice mail hell? Here are some tricks for rising above the noise and being heard.

Webchat – Customer service is normally available by phone or email. Some companies offer web chat/ instant messaging. The support reps that manage web chat are typically better trained (or at least speak better English) and usually work harder to please you. I have had great success in this area.

Facebook – Sharing your pain on Facebook can garner a response directly from a panicked VP (they hate negative press). At worst, one of your loyal followers may have a similar issue and already have a resolution for you.

Twitter – Sure, 140 characters does’t leave much room for griping… But if you direct your wrath at the right @account or use a clever, yet clear #hashtag – you’ll be off an running in no time. You may have to search for @account or see if others are experiencing #hashtag as well. Tenacity may pay off if you just stay with it.

YouTube – Turning your frustration into art may pay off. It certainly did for country singer Dale Watson, who after four months of complaining to Tiger Airways about lost luggage, posted a video. He soon landed a $2,000 reimbursement.

While these may or may not help you – you might just have some fun and meet some new friends with chasing down a resolution. It sure beats standing in a boring customer service line.


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