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Who Else Wants to Save $100 a Month?

Over the summer it dawned on me that my wife and I watch about 60 hours of television programming a month.  A privilege which costs us about $100 per month. In our case that $100 included an High Definition signal, and a DVR (rented from the cable company).

After a little research, I replaced all of that with a used Mac mini computer, an Elgato Eye TV 250 plus tuner, a set of Bose Companion speakers, and an indoor HD antenna.

The EyeTV tuner converts the incoming signal and send it to the computer through a USB port. The EyeTV software provides the ability to use an on-screen TV guide and DVR capabilities.

An extra 250 Gig external drive I had laying around the garage provides storage for an enormous quantity of DVD’s that have been ripped and re-encoded to size that play every well on the new Media Center. We can also load up movies on the laptop for use in the RV when we go camping and on the iPhone so we can jack that into the Motel TV when we fly somewhere.

I hooked it all up and tested it for a week before calling the cable company to disconnect the signal. When I cancelled, it turned out to be less expensive to retain the bare bones cable TV signal package along with the Internet signal. So, I returned the indoor HD antenna and we haven’t looked back.

We enjoy High Def local stations. Everything else (Movies and  TV shows) , we get from NetFlix, Hulu, Joost, Crackle, youTube, and a variety of smaller sites. We haven’t had the time yet to check out pay to watch sites like Amazon or iTunes – but those options exist – and in aggregate are less expensive than the $100 a month we used to pay.

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