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S5000486Today, my best friend of 14 years passed on. My dog, Dufus, yes… that’s his real name. He was diagnosed in December with terminal Cancer and given weeks to live. Weeks turned into 6 months.

Over the past 14 years, he enjoyed running, green peppers, oatmeal, ice cream, and more lap time than any other dog. If I was driving, 10 miles or 1,000… he was on my lap looking out the windshield and ensuring that I was piloting the car correctly.

Since his diagnosis, we were all determined to let him live with dignity. Thoroughly enjoying people food, car rides and lap time. I have been fortunate to have shared his live and been the alpha dog in his little pack.

These past four weeks brought about the largest changes for him. He gave me 14 years of unconditional love – asking only in the end that I be there for him. My wife forwarded me an article ┬áthat said “As your pet, I may not understand your words, but I will recognize your voice”.

His last car ride found him gleefully on my lap looking out the window calmly and content. His final moments with us were spent looking into my eyes, hearing our voices, feeling my touch, and smelling my hand. In the end, he passed on peacefully, gracefully, and with all the dignity he earned and deserved.

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