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Asking For Support Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

In business and in life, we feel really good when someone asks for our help. It makes us feel pleased that we have something of value to offer someone else. We are honored that they thought of enough of us to ask for assistance or an opinion.

It’s interesting that that shoe doesn’t always fit the other foot. So few people ask for what they want or need.

It is important to realize that asking someone else for support is not a sign of weakness but really an indication of:

  • A strong self-esteem
  • A committment to the goal rather than the ego
  • A Willingness to learn from others
  • The wisdom to be inclusive rather than exclusive
  • The willingness to let things happen easily rather than reinventing the wheel each time
  • An understanding of the power of interdependance rather than independance

Asking for support is an important part of networking. Asking is not a sign of weakness; on the contrary, it is a sign of strength, courage, and wisdom.

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