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The Changing Shape Of Money

Way back… When… We used to barter. We’d trade chickens and goats and cow milk for horse shoes, grain, and textiles. Then came coins. We’d carry a pouch full of heavy coins and trade those for purchases made in the open air markets. Paper money soon came into favor. Much easier to carry.

Do you take “plastic”? How many times have we asked merchant that? Now -Starbucks has released an iPhone app that lets you pay for your coffee by simply scanning the screen. OK. right now, it only works in Seattle, San Francisco, and every Target store in America. But, this is the face of future money.

My local target store wouldn’t accept the scan as a “Black Card” for the 10% discount. Something about them being “licensed – not a company store”. Anyway, the scan of the screen worked as planned, but their computerized cash register wasn’t set-up yet to process the scan.

I’m still excited about where all this is going.

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