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Who Else Wants A Cool URL For Your Social Media Links?

I have obtained a Domain name for each of my major Social Media URL’s. Check out my eMail signature:

Follow Me:
Facebook: www.affordablewebfacebook.com
Twitter: www.affordablewebtwitter.com
LinkedIn: www.affordableweblinkedin.com

These look so much better than the really long ones supplied by Facebook, Twitter, and linked in! They’re easier to remember. They fit nicely on the back of a business card. They’re just downright cool.

Since I provide Domain Name and Hosting services — I can hook you up with these for your company as well. I’ll do each new Social Domain Name for your company for only $25.00 each for the first year. Renewals after the first year are currently $15.00 per Domain Name per year.

Are you Ready? Give me a call at 503-307-0834, or send me an eMail at [email protected]… Let’s get started.

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