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How Many Pages Does My Website Need?

Let me answer your question, with a question.  How many questions or solutions does your website provide? In today’s environment, on today’s internet, content is king. The more compelling content you have, the better chance you’ll have at attracting users to your site.

A top notch website today will usually have:

There’s your first nine pages. So, now it’s a question of how many questions, solutions, products, or services you offer. As each page on you site should stand on it’s own two feet. If you offer three products that don’t require installation, you’ll need three more pages. If those products require installation, you could easily have three more. If each product has a PDF manual, that’s three more. Do you products have a sales brochure? There are three more pages.

So, your simple site with three products has turned into a site with the potential of having 18 pages. Could you cover all this with, say, eight pages. Perhaps, but the Search Engines will have a tough time indexing your site and delivering it to a Search Engine Results Page.

What else can you be thinking about in order to add fresh content on an on-going basis? Consider these sources:

  • Do you send out Press Releases? These could be re-printed on your site.
  • Do you publish a newsletter? Either printed or an email version?
  • Have you won any industry awards?
  • Are you keeping up with site updates when you release new products or services?
  • Do you have a blog attached to your site so you can post short ad-hoc articles throughout the year?

It’s starting to look a lot like content!

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