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Keywords Are For People, Not Search Engines

Forget about the Search Engines. Write great content focused on the people who are consumers of your information. Take a 30 second break and watch this 1960’s commercial¬†featuring our favorite rabbit trying time and again to get his hands on Trix breakfast cereal.

Our rabbit seems to have a one track mind… It’s focused entirely on this great tasting cereal.¬†Many website owners today have a one track mind as well… They’re focused entirely keywords for the sake of keywords.

We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Trix are for kids, and keywords are for people. The whole reason to put keywords into Page Titles, Meta Description, <h1> tags, alt tags, body content, anchor links, etc. are not to “game the system” or attempt to satisfy the Search Engines. It’s to satisfy the eventual users of our websites. The consumers of our information.

With the correct keywords in the right places, our site users will feel confident that they have found a site that truly satisfies their needs and provides the answers they are hunting for.

Content has always been king. With today’s Internet, it is even more important that we have great user-centric content on our sites. Update this content on a regular basis and ensure that the keywords you’re using speak directly to your site users.

Focus on the consumer of your information first. The Search Engines will be good with that approach as well.

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