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Where You Must Use Keywords To Satisfy Your Users

The Title Tag – This will be used as the link on the Search Engine Results Page. Your users will see this before they click through to your site.

The Meta Description Tag – The text that appears here will generally be used as the link description on the Search Engine Results Page.

Headings and Sub Headings – The <h> tags on your page. Many users will scan a page before they take time to read the copy. With keywords in the <h> tags, users will get the idea that they’ve found the right page.

Body Copy – Come on… Do I need to say more? This is the real reason that people visit your site.

Links on the page – These generally appear in a different color and are underlined. Kind of catchy. The eye will pick these up on a page scan.

Alt Text – The alt text on your images won’t be seen by the user, unless your images don’t load. Still, it’s a good idea.

Bulleted Lists – These little islands of text contain information that the writer deemed important enough to construct a list from. Readers appreciate information that’s quick to read.

Quotations and Interviews – Pull quotes are short and meaningful. These are also easliy picked up when a user scans a page before reading it.

References at the bottom of the page – A resource box with references and links is a great place to use keywords.

Takeaway Box – A summary that says “The main points of this article are…”

Link Title РElement Title attributes will popup a title when the user hovers the cursor over the element. These help explain  why the element is in place.

Testimonials – On page client testimonial can be incorporated on most any page. They help build trust and answer questions that site users might have.

Signature box at the end the article – A great opportunity for the author to present his or her company and what they do.

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